16cm Wooden Spoon

PAC of 100 pieces

Long before the first silverware fork was invented, people used wooden cutlery for their food. Wood has been a popular option for some cooking utensils. Even today a lot of people prefer wood over other options, because of both traditional and practical reasons. The durability of silver cutlery and the easy disposal of plastic cutlery eventually edged wooden cutlery aside. Yet now, in an era of energy efficiency and conservation, wooden cutlery has seen a comeback.Our wooden spoon is the most suitable purchase for you.There are a number of advantages of using this wooden fork compared to stainless steel or plastic. This wooden spoon is soft and very gentle in use with the most delicate cooking surface. One of the distinct advantages of using this product is that it will not scratch the finish of your non-stick coatings. They also won’t scratch your cast iron or stainless steel pots, and in comparison to metal utensils, they are nice and quiet to use.


Sizes available : 16cm

Material : Birch Wood



Product Description


Our wooden spoons are made of 100 percent natural smooth birch wood that makes it non toxic. It does not contain any plastics or harmful chemicals, it is compostable and biodegradable, which makes it a great alternative to plastic.  It is a better option for the health of every human and the planet. It is a disposable, strong and sturdy spoon. It makes cleaning up easy and quick.These can be used at parties, baby showers, catering events,restaurants, weddings, picnics or any other event. These wooden spoons will give a rich aura to your dining table.


1. These are environmentally friendly

2. These are safer to use and don’t conduct Heat

3.These are strong, durable, and have smooth surfaces.

4.They are made from birch wood and don’t attract and germs or bacteria while storing/using

5.There are different sizes available for the same

6.These are unique and stylish


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