3*2 CupCake Tray

PAC of 50 pieces

One cupcake is never enough! We always need some more, don’t we? The CupCake Tray 3X4 baking tray is made of brown cardboard with paper cups, that lets you bake 12 cupcakes at a time. It is resistant to food fats and able to withstand both freezing and baking up to 220 ° C. This pan, thanks to the particular self-supporting structure, does not need to be inserted in pre-formed molds and the elegant design makes it suitable for the presentation of the finished product.

Now you can easily bake as many cupcakes as you wish!


Cup shape: Oval

Support length: 215 mm

Support width: 162 mm

Diameter of cup bottom: 30 mm

Diameter of cup mouth: 42 mm

Cup height: 25 mm

Volume of product to be made: 30 gms

Number of portions: 3×2

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Product Description


Cupcakes are easy to bake if you have the right kind of mold. Compared to silicon/ metal pans, this cardboard supported tray is light weighted, environmentally and economically friendly. In search for the perfect cupcake/muffin, you tend to make errors while baking. Either the cupcakes/muffins are too brown, too pale, too dry, or not fluffy enough, In such a situation, the recipe is blamed first, but the most important thing to take notice of is the liner you use since that plays a very important role in baking. This cupcake tray mold allows convenient and quick baking. You can heat and freeze your batter in this mold from 180°C-220°C. It is also available in Brown with gold floral print.


1.Made out of cardboard and not metal, so it won’t rust and is light in weight.

2.The material of this mold is grease and oil resistant, which saves your time and effort of greasing before baking.

3. It’s environment friendly, can be reused and recycled

4.It is free standing and can bake a batter of 30 grams

5.It has a self-supporting structure, and does not need to be inserted into pre-formed molds

6.De-molding is very easy & never breaks your cupcakes / muffins

7.Its heat resistance varies from 180°C-220°C

8.At a time it allows you to bake 12 cupcakes (3×2 portion)

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