150 Grams Bar Cake Pink

PAC of 50 pieces

The reason to celebrate every occasion! Be it bringing in some holiday cheer or gifting your friends and family a delicious Bar cake, this mold can be your go-to for every time you decide to bake. The 150 Gram Bar cake mold is a rectangular single-dose cooking mold made out of hard cardboard that can be used for baking. It is a bold pink colour mold that enables you to bake 150 grams of Bar Cake or any other baked goods of your choice. It’s a pure cellulose cardboard which is resistant to food fats that allows you to freeze or bake your batter up to 220°C. It has an attractive bold pink colour that makes it suitable for any kind of presentation of your food. It is highly recommended and purchased by a large number of bakers in the market.

Please note : The actual weight of the final product depends on the quantity of ingredients used and the richness of it, the weight of the final product could be 20%  higher or lower than expected.


Bottom length: 95 mm

Bottom width: 35 mm

Mouth length: 125 mm

Mouth width: 70 mm

Height: 47 mm

Pieces per case pack: 1050

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Product Description



Bar cakes are usually all round the year, the feeling of looking at your very own bar cake baked with love is priceless! This mold is simply perfect for you to prepare your plum cake and present it too, once your cake is ready you can use it for serving/storing. The mold is well designed, convenient and recyclable. With a mouth width of 35 mm and height of 47 mm, it can be used to prepare a dough of 150 grams. It allows you to heat or freeze your food from 180°C-220°C. It helps in easy baking of different types of dough. The best feature of this product is that it is available in various different colours which makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.


1.Apart from plum cakes, it can be used to bake Bundt Cake, Crumb Cake, Pound Cake, Quick Bread, and Yeast Bread, Walnut Banana Cake, Date Walnut Cake.

2.The material of this mold is grease and oil resistant.

3. It’s environment friendly, can be reused and recycled.

4.Can be used in a microwave as well as a freezer.

5.Can be used for preparation as well as presentation.


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