120 Grams Choco Lava

PAC of 100 pieces

Bake your favorite desserts and savory dishes with this perfect all purpose optima mold designed just for you. Be it a regular meal at home, potluck with friends and family, or a picnic, this mold will help you prepare your dish as soon as possible. It is a free-standing paper baking mold, featuring a white PET-Laminated interior which allows for easy release. A lot of quick meals can be prepared with ease by using this mold, it saves tons of time, effort and is a lot less messier than other molds that you usually use. You can bake your meal and present it in the same mold. If you bake regularly this is the kind of mold you should be looking at as your next purchase

Please note : The actual weight of the final product depends on the quantity of ingredients used and the richness of it, the weight of the final product could be 20%  higher or lower than expected.


Shape: Round

Bottom diameter: 58 mm

Mouth diameter: 80 mm

Height: 38 mm


Product Description


Baked foods are quite a treat, other than being healthier than fried foods, they are appetizing and rich in both flavor and nutrients, and this mold will help you bake a lot of desserts and savory dishes such as tart, pie, shortbread, quiche, and brownie. It is grease and oil resistant, made out of cardboard with a rolled edge and comes with a lid. It has an exterior In brown color and an inner white Pet Film, which makes it suitable to bake 350 grams of product. The pure cellulose cardboard is resistant to food fats and can withstand both freezing and baking up to 220°C. The elegant design makes it suitable for the presentation of the finished product. These are available in a lot of shapes and sizes too.


1.Pure cellulose paper is resistant to food fats and can withstand both freezing and baking up to 220 °C

2.Grease and oil resistant

3. It is environment friendly, i.e recyclable

4.It is light weighted and easy to handle

5.Its heat resistance varies from 180°C-220°C

6.Volume of product to be made is 350 grams

7.It’s free standing and allows you to bake a single portion

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