300ml Round Container

PAC of 100 pieces

The 300ml Round Container is convenient, economical, disposable, recyclable and efficient. What more do you need than this perfect food packaging solution? Use these at home, work, catering business, storage and a lot more. Food and beverage manufacturers constantly look for ways to simplify their food delivery and at the same time need to ensure that their food product is well-preserved using appropriate packaging till the point of sale. You can also personalize them and add your own brand message so that you can attract more customers. Since most people are on the run nowadays, it is important to have high-quality food containers so you can store food safely. The packaging of this container offers strength and durability. These containers are cheaper and they don’t weigh as much so it is easier to carry them to any place.


Top – 120 mm

Bottom 90 mm

Height  48 mm

Capacity – 300 ML


Product Description


The robust takeaway food containers help you to keep your food in its optimal state. These food storage containers are microwave safe that allow you conveniently reheat your meals within minutes. These fabulous take away food containers set for portable storage. You can take these to work, school, or on outings and picnics. It is a perfect option and is easily disposable. It has airtight designed lids that seal tightly to keep your food products fresh for a long time. They’re reusable and you can stack them at home as well. You can use these containers for salads, healthy foods, fresh cut fruits and vegetables, rice and noodles and even desserts.These are available in Black, Milky White and Transparent colours.


1. These are microwave safe

2. They are a better replacement for glass containers/silverware

3.These are reusable and can be used for portable storage

4.They are easily disposable

5. They are air tight and keep the food products fresh for long time

6.There are a lot of different sizes available for the same

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