10″ x 10″ Food Wrapping Paper (Oil & Grease Resistant OGR Paper)

PAC of 500 sheets

Our Oil and Grease Resistant (OGR) Food Wrapping Paper offers unmatched functionality and reliability for food service businesses and consumers alike. With its superior resistance and food-safe properties, it ensures that your food stays fresh, clean, and safe throughout handling and storage. Choose our OGR Paper for a dependable solution in food packaging that meets both quality and environmental standards..

Size: 10″ x 10″



Product Description


Our Eco-Friendly and Compostable Food Wrapping Paper (Oil and Grease Resistant OGR Paper) is a revolutionary product proudly Made in India, designed to meet the highest standards of sustainability and convenience. Ideal for a variety of food items, it offers unmatched versatility while being environmentally responsible.

Paper with Oil & Grease resistant properties
Suitable for packing food items like burgers, french fries, rolls , chapatis and other oily food products
Keeps original flavour and quality for a long time
Suitable for customize sizing & printing.


Product Dimensions

Size: 10″ x 10″

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