Paper Baking Crown Cup 160/50

PAC of 200 pieces

For someone who loves baking cupcakes/muffins this crown cup mold is apt since it allows you to bake with ease and protects your final product from crumbling, also up over the cupcake its cover looks like the petals of a flower, making the cupcake look appetizing to consume. If you’re going for a muffin top look and tend to worry about  the top spilling over and being wider than the base, we’ve got you covered with this crown cup. They extend higher than traditional cupcake liners and don’t allow for that sort of spillage. It’s a great choice for home bakers to give their cupcakes or muffins a more professional and artisanal look.

Please note : The actual weight of the final product depends on the quantity of ingredients used and the richness of it, the weight of the final product could be 20%  higher or lower than expected.


Shape: Special

Bottom diameter: 50 mm

Volume of product to be made: 120 g


Product Description


A wonderful creation made of unbleached paper that neatly folds to fit into a cupcake or muffin pan is what this crown cup looks like. Its best feature is that you can use any kind of topping without the fear of it falling off because of the high walls of the crown cups. The tall walls protect any and all kind of spillage. They’re grease and oil resistant so you never have to worry about them sticking to the  cupcakes or muffins. It has a lovely, elegant flair, and is a brown paper with standard tips. You can even decorate it with a ribbon and make it look amazing when presented for holidays or events.


1.Pure cellulose paper is resistant to food fats and can withstand baking and freezing up to 220 °C

2.It is grease and oil resistant

3. It is environment friendly, i.e recyclable

4.It is light weighted and easy to handle

5.Its heat resistance varies from 180°C-220°C

6.It’s free standing and allows you to bake a single portion

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