Professional Chocolate Mould 566

A showcase of 550 + chocolate moulds. A range which includes a chocolate mould for all emotions and occasions. Thermoformed chocolate moulds for chocolates, pralines, with traditional & innovative and unique shapes to give your creations that unmistakable touch. Chocolates are not like prints on paper, they actually convey the sentiments of the giver, choose the moulds that resonate with your senses. The mentioned weight of the chocolate is an approximation. The actual weight of the chocolate depends upon the conisitency of the chocolate mass used and prepared. We also customize chocolate moulds as per your design and size. Get in touch at


Product Description


How to use a chocolate mould – Fill each cavity of the chocolate mold with melted chocolate, try not to overfill, chocolate should not come up over the edge. Fill all of the cavities and tap the tray down gently onto your workspace to release air bubbles and bring them to the top.

Demould the chocolate – Place in the refrigerator; chocolate usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to set in the fridge and harden. Smaller chocolate molds may take less time to set up, and larger chocolate molds could take the full 20 minutes. Check the bottom of the mold, is it white and cloudy? If so, your chocolate candy is hardened and has started to pull away from the mold, and it’s ready to release! Does it still look wet and pressed against the mold? Your chocolate may need some more time to harden. Once hardened, carefully flip the chocolate mold over onto a paper towel. Keep the mold close to the work surface (no skydiving chocolates!) and give it a little tap if they won’t release it right away. If you have trouble getting chocolate to release from molds, you can place it in the freezer for up to 5 minutes. Sometimes it needs to be extra cold!

Product Dimensions

Mould Number :566 Chocolate Size (mm): 135 x 62 x 8 Chocolate Weight (gm): 60 Mould Size (mm) : 260 x 170 Number of Cavities : 3

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