Pastry Board Rectangle Slim

PAC of 50 pieces

If you love baking pastries, a pastry base is a must have! Experiment all you want with this pastry base made out of cardboard. A pastry base is a flat support placed under a pastry, to make it easy to lift and transport. Pastry bases come in different sizes and shapes, disposable . They can be round, square or rectangular.  These  golden pastry bases are all you need to decorate and serve your delicious cakes, these are safe to put in the deep freeze as well. They have a sturdy structure that holds heavy, decorated pastries without an additional serving plate underneath and are grease proof.

Length : 12.4 cm

Width : 5.5 cm

Material : Paper Board

Colour : Gold

Packing : 50 Pieces per packet


Product Description


Our pastry boards are made of paper board. With our special pastry boards by the premium label  you can display your cakes safely. It is a perfect base to give a pastry or a pie as present.It can also be used to layer étagère cakes. It prevents the pastry from contact with shelf surface, thereby protecting it. Its attractive is a bonus when the customer buys with his/her eyes.


1.Gives proper support to your pastries

2. Attractive Display on the shelf, or when gifting.

3.The platter can be wiped clean easily thanks to the PET film coating.

4. They are intended for single use but can be used several times when used with care.

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