Neon Box (15 chocolates)

The Neon Box for 15 chocolates is perfect for gifting, to pack and present your chocolates, that give it a festive look.
The set includes :
Paper outer box, that will be delivered in a collapsed state (buyer will have to assemble the box), the process of assembling is highly simplified and self explanatory.
15 cavity inner “O” series trays (Gold colour)
15 cavity inner lids for the trays (Transperant)
the trays and lids will have to be placed within the paper box (after assembling).

These chocolate boxes are designed to give your chocolates an attractive look, perfect for gifting.

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Product Description
Product Dimensions

Size: 275 x 185 x 30

The outer paper box from the Neon Box series. Ships with the inner tray and lids

Inner Cavity Size: 240 x 145 x 30 mm

This box fits the 5 x 3 O series Tray and Lid

The sleeve colour is neon green embossed with a golden flower design on one side. The inner paper box is a dark violet shade.

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