Macaron Box – Marble Finish with Window

Our love for macarons is never-ending, who doesn’t love eating macarons? The best part is when you bake macarons for your loved ones. Baking is the first step, but what next? One wrong move and that entire heavenly creation could get ruined if you don’t deliver it intact. We’ve got something to keep those desserts looking as delicious from the time they’re baked to delivered with these perfect macaron boxes. Sturdy and durable macaron Boxes are the perfect solution for packaging bakery and food products. These are usually manufactured from ITC white printed paper and cardboard and are useful to carry the packaged food items safely from store to home. Macaron boxes are designed to deliver delicious macarons or desserts to its destination safely. The macaron boxes are delivered in a collapsed (flat) state, which can be assembled within minutes. They are easy to assemble.


Product Description


Macaron boxes do the important job of protecting your macarons from outside elements such as air, moisture, insects, dust, and avoids anyone tampering with your cake till it’s cut, which in turn keeps your macarons fresh and protected. Macaron boxes make purchasing and delivering your desserts and other pastries much easier and convenient. With these boxes, you can basically bring desserts and pastries to any event or location, and keep them in the best condition. You can even add bows, gift cards, notes, etc to add a special gifting touch to your dessert. These solid board and folding carton cake boxes are typically used in bakeries,and  for different occasions like birthdays, wedding, anniversary and more. All macaron boxes can be custom printed with your logo, brand or decorative designs to ensure premium presentation of the product. With the help of these macaron boxes, you can perfect the art from baking to delivering the most delicious desserts ever!


Product Dimensions

Length : 150mm / 5.90 inches

Width : 50mm / 2 inches

Height : 50mm / 2 inches

Thickness :  ITC White Printed 320 GSM Paper.

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