Cacao Chocolate Melter 3*3kg

A water-less manual chocolate melting and manual tempering machine. This is professional equipment for the hobbyist and the professional. Simply cut your chocolate slab into small pieces and melt. Burn-free and lump-free melting is guaranteed every time. Accurate temperature control (1-3˚C) allows holding melted states for extended periods allowing continuous production. Temper chocolate manually using this machine and maintain the temper of a tempered batch using the temperature control knob. Start melting in 3 easy steps: 1) Cut the chocolate into small pieces (smaller than 1″ cubes), the smaller they are the faster they melt. Minimum 1 kg is recommended for this machine size. 2) set temperature according to the chocolate type and your environment and keep chocolate in the machine with the lid on. 3) Stir occasionally until chocolate melts. Full instructions included in the manual.


Product Description


Electric water-less manual chocolate melting and manual tempering machine. No-hassle full 1 year operational and machine parts warranty. Personalized technical assistance directly through company’s technical team – be in touch with them before buying.

Product Dimensions

Product Code:Cacao S09

Dimensions (mm): 580*370*125

Capacity: 3*3 Kg

Rating (V): 220 – 240

p>Power (W): 270

Power Consumption : 4 hours running = 1 Unit (Approx)

Maximum Temparature : 70 Degrees

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