Big Santa Clause (300mm / 12 inches)

A range which includes a chocolate mould for all emotions and occasions. Thermoformed chocolate moulds for chocolates, pralines, with traditional, innovative and unique shapes to give your creations that unmistakable touch. Chocolates are not like prints on paper, they actually convey the sentiments of the giver, choose the moulds that resonate with your senses. The mentioned weight of the chocolate is an approximation. The actual weight of the chocolate depends upon the consistency of the chocolate mass used and prepared. We also customize chocolate moulds as per your design and size. Get in touch at


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3D Hollow Choclate Moulds are a combination of 2 or more pieces of PVC plastic, holding together the chocolate , to make a 3D figure, made full of chocolate. With more than 30 + 3D Hollow Chocloate Moulds in range, we have moulds that will express every emotion and occasion. Birthdays, weddings, festivals, relationships with family and friends. Our chocolate moulds give an intricate finish and attractive look to your chocolates. Our chocolate moulds are easy to use and demould the chocolate.

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