750ml Round Meal Bowl – 100% Anti Leak and Bio Degradable

Ditch the Plastic ? We now have the perfect boxes for take away / delivery, for your food. Disposable combo contains 500 ML Anti-Leak Bowl with Lid – 50 pieces of each. The boxes are Eco friendly and Bio Degradable,  made from 100% virgin plant fiber/wood pulp, which means they can be disposed of in a composter/food waste bin or just buried in your backyard. These disposable containers are completely natural, meaning they are harmless to the environment. The boxes can be used for hot and/or cold foods. The boxes are oil resistant and can hold hot, cold, dry or oily foods without leaking. They are also resistant to cutlery scratches and do not puncture easily. Their simple yet elegant construction makes them the perfect choice for food delivery. These boxes have snap fit lids, which provide great locking and are 100% Leak proof. 


Product Description


These are safe to use in microwave and freezer, are 100% compostable, recyclable and eco friendly. Oil and cut-resistant note: hot foods can cause the plates to perspire and condensation to form at the bottom.Perfect for food delivery for biryani, manchurian, vegetables with gravy, chole, dal, noodle/rice,triple schezwan rice, pasta. etc.

Product Dimensions

Bowl : 7.0 inches Diameter * 2.6 inches Height
Lid : 7.0 inches Diameter * 0.2 inches Height

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