750ml Foil Container

PAC of 100 pieces

Cater all your needs with our multipurpose Aluminium Foil Containers. It is hygienic, convenient to use and are the most adaptable packaging solutions available in the market. It is a must-have item in the kitchen to lock the freshness of the food hereby keeping up the food quality. It acts as a barrier to light, oxygen, bacteria and avoids moisture too, the usage of foil enables the food to stay fresh for a longer period of time. This light weight container is reusable is very economical.


Length :203 mm

Width : 138 mm

Depth : 43 mm.

Pieces per carton- 1000, HSN for container 7615 (+12%), HSN for Lid 4823


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Product Description


Your go to solution that is perfect for catering supplies, food packaging, take-out, storage, food service, also used for food deliveries, in canteens/hotels, etc.These containers are seal fresh and prevent wastage and contamination of food. The trays come with lid covers to enable a tight seal for better food preservation. These are ideal for small take-out, side dishes, pastries, food service, and work great for serving a variety of hot or cold foods. These are widely used in domestic and industrial sectors.


1.While reheating the food in the oven, the aluminium distributes the heat evenly

2.The good quality of aluminium keeps the food Sterile and safe for a long time period

3.These can be used in a traditional oven and up to some extent and supervision in a microwave as well

4.These aluminium foil trays are recyclable and that is what makes it super convenient

5.Designed in a way such that they can fulfill all your needs, these are circular and square shaped, available in small and big sizes

6.These Aluminium Foil Containers are cost effective

7.It has International Food Grade High quality foil that keeps the food safe, the container is Non-stick, grease locking, moisture balancing, and is made from certified food grade paper.

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