250ml Juice Bottle

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Store beverages in style with our 200ml milkshake bottle. Preserve the flavor of your dairy product/juice or any other liquid much longer in this bottle than in any plastic bottle, this is because the material is less likely to allow contents to mix with air or other possible chemicals. Moisture is also less likely to get in this bottle, keeping your drink safe from mold or going stale.While plastic erodes over time, glass has to physically break to become contaminated. Glass maintains the quality of the product better than other packaging. These bottles are attractive because they have a classic look, they never get old or boring, they stay simple and never go out of style. These glass bottles last a lot longer than plastic alternatives and are also easily recyclable.


Material : Glass Jar / Metal Cap

Colour : Transparent

Bottom Diameter : 1.5 cm

Top Diameter : 1.3 cm

Height : 6.2 cm

Lid Diameter : 43 ml

Lid colour : Gold/Black

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Product Description


This is a freeze bottle that keeps your water/milk/juice safe and to avoids the use of plastic.  It is mainly used as a milk and juice bottle. Its cookware features include it being dishwasher safe. We’re bringing you an excellent fridge-to-tabletop-to-fridge convenience, you can store and serve healthy concoctions with a straw and in distinctive style with these milkshake bottles.Whether hot or cold, these bottles hold liquids at a steady temperature more effectively than plastic. These bottles can be used for liquids and do not absorb any foreign flavors, odors, or colors. You can use this glass bottle to hold your hot tea in the morning, and use the same bottle for refreshingly cold water in the afternoon.


1. These are free from contaminants

2. These are easy to clean

3.These are strong, durable, and reusable

4.They maintain a steady temperature

5.There keep the liquid fresh and clean

6.These are unique and stylish

7. They are available in different sizes

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