12inch Round Areca Leaf Plate

PAC of 25 pieces

The leaf plates are made from the Areca plant. It is a good alternative for plastic as it decomposes within 2 months. No chemicals  are used in making these plates and since they are made from fallen palm leaves, trees are not cut for the same which makes these a 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable resource. It certainly overcomes the problems faced with the regular paper and plastic plates, the paper plates are too lightweight to use whereas the Areca leaf plates are also lightweight but durable, the shape of the paper and plastic plates gets distorted when the food weight increases in the plate, but these plates remain in shape and hold up the food without dropping anything. Both hot and cold cuisines can be served on these plates. They are ideal for weddings, parties, barbecues, picnics and many more events like these,they can also be used as dinnerware at home and restaurants along with packing purposes and in the microwave for warming food.The plus point of these plates is that they have a beautiful texture and elegant design. Although disposable, these plates are not like flimsy paper plates. These are stiff and sturdy, and heavy enough to hold any snack, appetizers, meal or dessert, without making the food soggy or spoilt.


12 inch diameter  | 1.25 inch  depth

Shape: Round

Product Description


Areca Leaf plates are commonly known as Areca Plate or Areca Palm Leaf Plates, these are easily disposable plates that are eco friendly/Bio-Degradable and are perfect to be used as your kitchenware. Finally after a long time, an apt alternative to plastic and thermocol has been found. These plates have an elegant design and are really helpful for all kinds of events, dinners, meets, picnics, parties, etc.


1. These are biodegradable

2. They are a better replacement for plastics and thermocol

3. It is environment friendly, i.e recyclable

4.They are easily disposable

5. They are 100% Naturally made and no chemicals are used in the making

6.There are a lot of different Styles available for the same